I Saved Money | Books I Got for Christmas

Christmas is always a good time for new books. You generally don’t have to buy them yourself, and it’s reasonable to ask someone to buy you a hardback. I generally don't buy full priced hardbacks myself. The ones that I own have all been traded with other book lovers, or purchased at sales. I just don't have enough capital to realistically keep myself stocked in hardback books. I got two hardback books in my little christmas haul, so thanks mum & dad!

The Story Behind My Email & Book Extract

A long time ago, my friend and I had the brilliant idea of wanting to write a book. It was going to be all guts and gore with a little bit of science mixed in with it. It was brilliant but terrible at the same time.

Girls with Gorgeous Dresses | Books I DNF

I have this problem where I pick up a book, and then put it down after three pages. Some call it a short attention span, I call it 'time to stop reading, and start doing nothing'. Yeah, I'm describing a reading slump and my utter boredom with eveything (which appears to be happening a lot more now that school work is keeping me up at night). The fact of the matter though, is that I will probably get back to these three pages books in the near future. Having said that, here are a few books that I WON'T being going back to (and yeah, I read more that three pages of these).

Ass Kicking & Low Ratings | Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here by Anna Breslaw

This, was a complete and utter rollercoaster of emotions. I loved it. Now don't let my rating fool you, this book killed it. Everything was on point, from the witty one liners and the tearjerking fleshed out scenes. It just didn't . . . well it wasn't something that would have a deep and meaningful impact on me. We just didn't connect on an emotional level. That's a lie, I cried through two chapters. The characters didn't have an impact on me? This is a tad more truthful actually, although I loved the main character and the revelations that came forward. Truth be told, I don't KNOW why this book isn't getting more than three stars. I really really liked it, I guess it just didn't - well, I don't know.

Should We Own Multiple Editions of the Same Book? CONS

As with everything, there are pros and cons of owning multiple editions of the same book. Even if we really really love the book. These are the cons. You can find the post 'Should We Own Multiple Editions of the Same Book? PROS' here.

Should We Own Multiple Editions of the Same Book? PROS

So, I've been grappling with myself and trying to figure out whether or not I should keep two editions of the same book. I kind of decided to write it out? So here are the pros of owning more than one version of the same book. If you want the cons, they can be found here (ps if the link doesn't work, I may not have posted it yet. Sorry about that).

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