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These Books Have Made Me Who I Am Today | Book Blogger Hop

Q: Name a book that changed your life.

There is no singular book that has changed my life, however there have been a whole load that made me into the person that I am today. This is basically going to be a post about my favourite childhood books, and the effect that they had on me – hopefully it doesn't get too boring.

Six Signs I'm Getting Older

Candles are funny things. They’re used to celebrate life, yet could potentially set fire to someone’s hair and burn the entire place down. Sorry, was that a little dark? Anyway, more and more of them are being piled on my birthday cake each year, and I’ve come to a realisation. I’m getting old. The time of having to act like an actual adult is coming closer and closer each second, and I don’t know if I’m ready! But here are some stepping stones that I’ve made along the way to young adulthood.

I'm Frickin' Lazy | Book Blogger Hop

Q: If you are at a really good point in a book and the phone rings or the door bell rings, do you stop reading or let the phone or door bell go unanswered?

Confession: I'm a Part of the Luminati | Starstruck by Cyn Balog

Here's a tip: If you think you might want to read this, please skip over the blurb. It is literally the entire story in three summarised paragraphs. Then again, the blurb is the reason that I picked up this book. So, I don't know. You do you I guess. 

3 Ingredients Books Must Have

I'm going to be using real ingredients that kind of make sense in context, but would be a terrible meal in reality. Like, vomit inducing. It would be something that youtubers stuff into a blending machine when they're lost a challenge, and their friends think it would be hilarious to see them stuff ketchup, apple juice and pickles into one beverage. Ick.

How Can I Convince You To Watch Wonder Woman?

I went to watch Wonder Woman last week with one of my best friends, and let me tell you, it was one of the best movies that I have watched in a looongg time. I really didn't expect to love it as much as I did.

Music to My Eyes | The Rehearsal by Eleanor Catton

five stars + favourited

The Rehearsal is a literary novel that deals with the loss of innocence, the reinvention of oneself and revelations of the human psyche. However, it is far from boring or overly philosophical. Each pages gifts upon you a new way of looking at something, or an explanation of a happening that you didn't realise that you needed all the while managing to keep you engaged and glued to it's pages.

Books To Take On A Long Flight

Summer holidays are coming up. While it isn't exactly a holiday for me, I'll have to study for pretty much all of it, I will be spending 26+ hours on a plane. Which means that I'll need to keep my self entertained.

Fandoms And Characters That Have Been Left Behind

I've never really been an avid stan of anything, but I have done my fair share of scrolling through the tags of Tumblr and Instagram. So when this week's top five wednesday popped up (you can join here if you're interested),  I thought that now would be the perfect time to rant about everything that's been going on and all the fandoms that I've left.

Overpriced Food Saved Me During Exam Week

I spend a lot of money on food. Sorry, let me rephrase that. I spend a lot of money on CHEAP food. Sure it's the good kind, but it's still hella cheap. Which I suppose can be a problem. Feeling like I haven't spent very much money on food, all the while indulging in it 10x more than I normally would, means my bank account becomes empty a whole lot faster. Oh er, but we're talking about how EXPENSIVE food kept me sane. I'll start again.

UGH, Poetry Books Annoy Me

Alright, alright, you got me. I don't actually hate poetry books. While I am terrible with money, I'm not terrible enough to spend 40+ on books just so I can create nice cover pictures. Actually, ignore what I just said. Only one of the books in this picture is actually a poetry book, I cropped out the other one. My bad!

Links That You'll Probably Adore #1

The internet is huge. No, the internet is massive. It's a never ending being, that just doesn't know when to stop. It's the biggest of the big. Well not really, but you get my point. Things get lost. So I thought I'd use the end of this month or rather, the start of a new month, as an opportunity to share some of the content that I personally have enjoyed reading. Hopefully you'll find something that interests you, but if not! You can always come back the next time I do one of these and try your luck then.

Book Covers That Scream "Don't Mess With Me"

Books covers, dust jackets or the thing in which words are wrapped in. Generally they're the first things you see when pondering about whether or not you should pick up a book. Obviously, I don't base my purchases on the covers alone, but if the cover is hideous then I might not even get the chance to consider it. I wont even pick it up. Not because I'm necessarily trying to discriminate against books that have a zoomed in body part on the cover, but because in my experience, those kinds of books don't really have a great deal of dragons or magic. Which is something that most of my books have. ps. I deleted this post a few minutes ago because I thought it was messing up my blog, it wasn't. This is a top ten tuesday post!

13 Reasons To Avoid 13 Reasons Why

Warning: tw for suicide, rape, depression, underage

I was going to call this something like 'Why You Shouldn't Watch 13 Reasons Why' or '13 Reasons Why Is A Dangerous Show That You Should Avoid At All Costs If You Suffer From Depression, Know Your Limits' but they don't flow as well as my current title does. Also, I'm discussing an important matter in this post and so to spread the message a little bit better, the title needs to be as click baity as possible.

5 Authors We Both Need To

I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I have over 100 unread books on my shelves. Yeah, it's a nightmare.

1 Year Anniversary + Giveaway! // I Changed My Blog URL!

I'm finally a one year old! Well, my blog is finally a one year old. That is, if you don't count the month long absences, the constant forgetting to post and the week that I spent volunteering without any internet. It might not seem like a long time thinking back to it, but trust me, that one week could have been two months for all I know. Yes, time spent in a rural village in Thailand and hanging out with elephants was fun, but it also completely disconnected you from the rest of the world... anyway.

LGBTQ+ Book Recs!

I'm pretty sure this series gets gay in the next couple of books *fingers crossed*
This is a Top Five Wednesday. If you’re interested in joining in, and doing your own top five Wednesday - feel free to look through this group for the topics!

Things That Make A Book Desirable To Me

This is me joining up with the gals at Brooke and Bookish for a Top Ten Tuesday post! The prompt this week is "Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book'

Yeah yeah, I know. Top ten Tuesday and I only have seven things on my list. It's terrible! However, given that I have a multitude of exams coming up, it's also quite realistic. In fact I should be studying for those exams right now, but I'm lazy and too much studying begins to melt my brain.

The Easy Way to Get Free Books!

I want free books. I know, I know – most of the time thats just not the reality. We have to pay for books, even the really crappy ones that slut shame and have terrible world building.

Yo, Mosquitoland – Get Yourself Together.

I'm going to be honest, I actually enjoyed around 80% of this book. Then I got met with a few key chapters and we went on a rollercoaster ride straight down into the land of NOPE. To be nice, I'm going to start with the things that I did actually quite like about the book – then I'm going to trash it. Just a lil' bit.

8 Things I Love About Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

To be completely honest, I only picked up this book from the library because I have the second book lying on my shelf and I really wanted to read it. Thank goodness I didn't dive straight into the second book, a thought that had actually crossed my mind quite often. I would have missed out on this little gem!

If You Do This, We Can't Be Friends

I thought I'd take a little break from the books (I mean, aside from my other break that I haven't really addressed. I was volunteering in Thailand, sorry! ) and have a little chat about something that's becoming more and more common.

Percy Jackson Sucked

I watched the movie before I read the book, and wow they got a lot of things wrong. I have to say, I did enjoy the book more than the movie. Not as much as some people seemed to do, the movie did introduce me to Jake Abel after all, but I can see where all of the criticism comes from.

How to Patiently Wait for an Upcoming Release

I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, but the cover for A Poison Dark and Drowning ( A Shadow Bright and Burning #2 ) just came out and it is quite possible, the most gorgeous thing I’ve seen in a while. However, all that it’s done is made me want it more and made me want it now. As in if this doesn’t appear on my shelves in the next three days I’m going to be mad. HA just kidding, shipping to where I live is terrible. I would be lucky if it came within two weeks, let alone three days. Oh yeah, there’s also the fact that it hasn’t come out yet so . . . It still calls to me though, so I’ve come up with some ( slightly odd ) ways to deal with this.

Do You Discriminate Against Old Books?

I’ve noticed this ‘trend' going around where people HAVE to have perfect books. It doesn’t matter that the dent is a 1/5 size of your pinkie fingernail, they wont have it. The same goes for yellow pages. If there’s something that determines the history of the book before it got into your hands, does that make the book inherently not worth it?

I'm Bad at Saving Money! Haul

I used these two books for the cover, because they're the most mainstream ones :D

I’m mean I’m not that bad. Still, I realise that some of the books I bought weren’t exactly needed, but hey! It was only $25 total so I think I’m kind of in the clear? I bought these at a school fair, so I’m 99% sure that these are all second hand. However some of them literally look like they were bought from the store yesterday which is pretty rad. This was all for charity, so I feel a little less bad about spending! ( Was that proper English? It looks wrong to me. )

Stupidity of The Winners Curse

War runs through Valorian blood, just as art runs through the Herrani. Yet something sets our two heroes aside. They have something else running through their veins, something that doesn’t seem to be present in a great deal of the others. So what is it that makes our two heroes, Arin and Kestrel, so special? Well my dears, the answer is STUPIDITY. I’m not kidding, throughout the book I was almost angry crying at how absolutely stupid the characters were.

10 Books That Were Crushingly Disappointing

This is me joining up with the gals at Brooke and Bookish for a Top Ten Tuesday post!
Disappointment is something we all dread. Whether it be from books or our parents ( you know what I'm talking about ) it's never a good feeling. So here's a post of me dragging all of the books that disappointed me. If you're thinking about picking these books up, but have seen nothing but good reviews . . . uh, here's an alternative perspective?

Book Breakups 01 :(

We can't like every book we read, no matter how much we dearly want to. Sometimes you and a book just don't mesh that well. That was what happened with me and these two books. I did a similar post here, although I have no idea what's going on with the formatting of that post.

Let's Talk Love ( Tropes )

This is me joining up with the gals at Brooke and Bookish for a Top Ten Tuesday post!

I'm going to be completely honest, I generally don't look for romance in books. The only ships that I can remember having are 'Drarry' , Lara Jean & Peter and uh, Jesper & Wylan. Maybe Vin and Eland. That being said, I don't mind it popping up every now and then. While it can be unnecessary, sometimes it's important to have something to root for – other than 'the cause'. So I've put together a list of tropes that I like, and tropes that I don't like.

Unfinished Reviews | Alice & Three Dark Crowns

I've was feeling kind of lazy and decided to not flesh these out anymore. I'm sorry! You're probably able to get an idea of what the book was like through reading these though. There a little more than a sentence, but a little less than a full review. They're both in completely different formats though!

Dropping A Man Off A Building | Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo Review

I’m sure you’ve heard of Crooked Kingdom. If you haven’t, then I’m sure you’ve been living under a rock (no offence meant to people who do actually live under rocks *cough* patrick star *cough). It’s basically a sequel to arguably one of the most hyped up young adult books of the past two years. It deals with gangs, murder and daring heists that no one in their right mind would even try and pull off let alone succeed at. Yet, the characters in the Six of Crows managed it. Unfortunately one of their members got kidnapped in the process. This is their struggle of both getting her back, and getting a little bit revenge along the way.

5 Reasons The Graces is Problematic

I have so much to say about this book, but the thing is, I've forgotten all of it. Thats what overloading on christmas dinners will do to you kids. I may seem a little ranty in this post, so if you want to understand a little more of why, please go check out my review here. Although be warned, it's messy + unstructured.

Dripping with Blood | 2 Graphic Novel Reviews

I got both of these for christmas, the list of which you can find here. I hadn't been reading a great deal of graphic novels, which I thought was a shame. I used to have so much fun reading them! It's kind of refreshing to give your brain a break from words, and let them settle on well drawn pictures instead. There's almost a completely different experience.

5 Reasons Why I Hate Goodreads

Although I might seem like a huge grouch in this post and the title is super misleading, I actually really love goodreads. Promise. However, as with all things we love, we have to be able to see their faults as well as recognise the good things about it. Although having said that, I’m mostly complaining about people, not the actual website itself. Bear with me?

Underrated Books You NEED to Read

There are so many wonderful books out there. Too many, actually. I just searched it up and apparently there are 129, 864, 880 books in the entire world. That’s nearly 130 million! Taking into account that the average human being lives for around 80 years and dividing that by 130 million . . . uh, you know what? I’m no good at math, but rest assured, I would have to be a superhero of some sort to be able to finish all of those books.

Sorcerers, Witches & Magicians | A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess

synopsis | bookdepo | more on my blog
A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess
“It's easy to poke fun at the world and think yourself clever, but it's much harder to stand silent and endure.”

Why You Should Read D4rk Inside

The other reviews for D4rk Inside are WRONG. Well, not wrong but they mislead me a little. See, all the reviews that I’ve read from people that I follow, are negative. They made me put off reading this book for a DAMN YEAR which was such a huge mistake. Especially since it was only £1 when I actually bought it.

I Nominate You! | Mystery Blogger Award

Thank you so much to bookspoemsclouds for nominating me for this! It really makes me feel like part of a community C: Thanks also to Okoto Enigma for creating this.

11 Movies I'm Looking Forward to in 2017

This is me taking a little break from books and diving into the cinema. Sometimes I think I go to the big screen more than I read, much to my parents displeasure. It's really all for the popcorn though.

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