If You Do This, We Can't Be Friends

I thought I'd take a little break from the books (I mean, aside from my other break that I haven't really addressed. I was volunteering in Thailand, sorry! ) and have a little chat about something that's becoming more and more common.

Percy Jackson Sucked

I watched the movie before I read the book, and wow they got a lot of things wrong. I have to say, I did enjoy the book more than the movie. Not as much as some people seemed to do, the movie did introduce me to Jake Abel after all, but I can see where all of the criticism comes from.

How to Patiently Wait for an Upcoming Release

I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, but the cover for A Poison Dark and Drowning ( A Shadow Bright and Burning #2 ) just came out and it is quite possible, the most gorgeous thing I’ve seen in a while. However, all that it’s done is made me want it more and made me want it now. As in if this doesn’t appear on my shelves in the next three days I’m going to be mad. HA just kidding, shipping to where I live is terrible. I would be lucky if it came within two weeks, let alone three days. Oh yeah, there’s also the fact that it hasn’t come out yet so . . . It still calls to me though, so I’ve come up with some ( slightly odd ) ways to deal with this.

Do You Discriminate Against Old Books?

I’ve noticed this ‘trend' going around where people HAVE to have perfect books. It doesn’t matter that the dent is a 1/5 size of your pinkie fingernail, they wont have it. The same goes for yellow pages. If there’s something that determines the history of the book before it got into your hands, does that make the book inherently not worth it?

I'm Bad at Saving Money! Haul

I used these two books for the cover, because they're the most mainstream ones :D

I’m mean I’m not that bad. Still, I realise that some of the books I bought weren’t exactly needed, but hey! It was only $25 total so I think I’m kind of in the clear? I bought these at a school fair, so I’m 99% sure that these are all second hand. However some of them literally look like they were bought from the store yesterday which is pretty rad. This was all for charity, so I feel a little less bad about spending! ( Was that proper English? It looks wrong to me. )

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