Fandoms And Characters That Have Been Left Behind

I've never really been an avid stan of anything, but I have done my fair share of scrolling through the tags of Tumblr and Instagram. So when this week's top five wednesday popped up (you can join here if you're interested),  I thought that now would be the perfect time to rant about everything that's been going on and all the fandoms that I've left.

Overpriced Food Saved Me During Exam Week

I spend a lot of money on food. Sorry, let me rephrase that. I spend a lot of money on CHEAP food. Sure it's the good kind, but it's still hella cheap. Which I suppose can be a problem. Feeling like I haven't spent very much money on food, all the while indulging in it 10x more than I normally would, means my bank account becomes empty a whole lot faster. Oh er, but we're talking about how EXPENSIVE food kept me sane. I'll start again.

UGH, Poetry Books Annoy Me

Alright, alright, you got me. I don't actually hate poetry books. While I am terrible with money, I'm not terrible enough to spend 40+ on books just so I can create nice cover pictures. Actually, ignore what I just said. Only one of the books in this picture is actually a poetry book, I cropped out the other one. My bad!

Links That You'll Probably Adore #1

The internet is huge. No, the internet is massive. It's a never ending being, that just doesn't know when to stop. It's the biggest of the big. Well not really, but you get my point. Things get lost. So I thought I'd use the end of this month or rather, the start of a new month, as an opportunity to share some of the content that I personally have enjoyed reading. Hopefully you'll find something that interests you, but if not! You can always come back the next time I do one of these and try your luck then.

Book Covers That Scream "Don't Mess With Me"

Books covers, dust jackets or the thing in which words are wrapped in. Generally they're the first things you see when pondering about whether or not you should pick up a book. Obviously, I don't base my purchases on the covers alone, but if the cover is hideous then I might not even get the chance to consider it. I wont even pick it up. Not because I'm necessarily trying to discriminate against books that have a zoomed in body part on the cover, but because in my experience, those kinds of books don't really have a great deal of dragons or magic. Which is something that most of my books have. ps. I deleted this post a few minutes ago because I thought it was messing up my blog, it wasn't. This is a top ten tuesday post!

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